Child Life Internship

Our child life internship program is a concentrated 16-week program that gives students practical, intensive experience in the child life profession.

Under the guidance of certified child life specialists, interns participate in the development and implementation of therapeutic, educational and recreational activities for patients and their families.

Through the Le Bonheur program, interns will have the opportunity to:

  • apply classroom theories and techniques to real life situations
  • develop a better working knowledge of child/adolescent growth and development
  • gain an understanding of the effects of stress and trauma on child behavior and development
  • better understand the needs of chronically ill children/adolescents and their families
  • increase knowledge of medical procedures and terminology
  • prepare children for hospitalization, surgery and other medical procedures
  • participate in inservices and individualized meetings to promote professional development

Application information

Child life internships are offered two times a year at Le Bonheur.

Download an application information packet.

Deadline to apply

Fall (September-December): May 5
Winter/Spring (January-April): Sept. 5


Our internship program is open to senior or graduate-level students from the fields of child life, child development, early childhood education and other related fields with a strong developmental emphasis. We currently accept independent and university affiliated students.

  • You must have taken a class taught by a certified child life specialist (CCLS).
  • Students who are not affiliated with a university will be required to purchase liability insurance.
  • Student membership in the Child Life Council is required.
  • Interns should be willing to work up to ten clinical hours a day, five days a week, for no fewer than 16 weeks (a total of 640 hours). Interns will be required to work various hospital shifts, including days, evenings and weekends. Interns may be required to work all holidays and school breaks that fall within the internship.

Submit a completed application packet, which should include:

  • Child Life Council’s Common Life Internship application form
  • Resume
  • A two-page autobiography
  • Personal philosophy concerning child life
  • Three letters of recommendation: one from your academic program director, one from a professional who knows your work and one from a non-family member of your choice. Letters should be in separate envelopes with the reference’s signature across the sealed flap.
  • Eligibility Assessment Report
  • Official academic transcripts
  • A copy of the university’s objectives for the internship (applies to those completing internship as University affiliated, this does not apply to independent students)
  • Proof of a completed 100-hour practicum in a hospital’s Child Life department.
  • Child life course verification form. Course must be completed prior to interviewing for internship.

Qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Candidate notification

Acceptance is based on program capacity and qualifications of all applicants. Selected candidates will be notified of their acceptance via phone. Candidates who are not selected will receive notification by email.