Diagnostic Imaging

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The Diagnostic Imaging Department provides our pediatric patients state of the art diagnostic medical imaging. We strive to meet all patient care needs.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department, also known as "radiology" or "x-ray," provides our pediatric patients state of the art diagnostic medical imaging. We strive to meet all patient care needs.

Our Mission
"The Department of Diagnostic Imaging, in partnership with it's Radiologists, will be a leader in providing quality, cost-effective imaging to aid in diagnosis and treatment. Service are provided in a manner that supports patient safety and Family-Centered care."


  • The Diagnostic Imaging Department performs pediatric examinations in General Diagnostic Radiology including:
    Plain Films (X-Rays and Fluoroscopic Studies)
    CT, MR, and Ultrasonography
    Nuclear Medicine
  • Approximately 77,000 exams are perfomred in the Department each year.
  • There are 3 Radiographic Rooms, 2 Fluoroscopic Rooms, 2 CT Scanners with one 16 detector CT scanner, and a 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance unit.
  • Both the CT and MR scanner have angiographic and cardiac capabilities.
  • There are 2 Doppler ultrasound scanners with transducers specific to pediatric patients.
  • One Nuclear Medicine Camera

Sevices Provided:

  • We provide specialized pediatric imaging services. These include conventional radiographs (or plain films), fluoroscopic procedures, and cross-sectional imaging.
  • Some of these examinations requiring injection of contrast material may need to be done after the results of blood tests are available. If there are no recent blood tests, these will be done prior to the examination, but usually with the same needle stick as that used for the placement of the intravenous line.
  • Results for all non-emergent exams will be faxed or mailed to the referring physician's office, usually within 24 hours. The results of emergent examinations will be verbally communicated to your physician by the radiologist at the conclusion of the examination.


  • Through our partnership with the University of Tennesse Medical Group, radiologists provide coverage at Le Bonheur 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The UTMG Radiology Group physicians are board certified in pediatrics with additional training in pediatric imaging and are always available for consultation with your doctor.
  • Our board-certified pediatric sedation physicians provide safe, individualized expert care to our patients.