A New Heart

Published On 02/26/2018

Jada and Boston

Le Bonheur Team Transplants Rare, Complex Case

Jada Christian wasn’t supposed to live, according to the literature. Her heart’s structure and electrical rhythm were abnormal. Thanks to a team of doctors and nurses at Le Bonheur, Jada underwent a complicated, but successful 10-hour heart transplant last spring. Today, she’s a happy, healthy 1-year-old who’s defied all odds.

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Pediatric researchers with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital have found a promising new approach for treating the flu by targeting cell metabolism rather than the virus. A drug designed to decrease tumor volume also works to dial down viral production and has dramatically increased survival of flu-infected mice.

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In medical school, Ajay Talati, MD, was immediately drawn to pediatrics and neonatology. He enjoyed knowing the positive impact he could have on a person’s life at such an early age.  As Le Bonheur’s new chief of Neonatology and vice chair of Education, Talati is able to follow his passion of helping children and leaving a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

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Le Bonheur’s 25-year commitment to injury prevention in the Memphis area has made a difference. Efforts range from redesigning pedestrian crossings around schools to helping parents properly install child safety seats.

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Pediatric Neurosurgeon Frederick Boop, MD, has fought for improved survival rates for many of the pediatric brain tumors he treats in his in his 30-year career. For most, he has witnessed great success.  But for one particularly aggressive type of tumor – pediatric glioblastoma – outcomes remain bleak. He’s joined forces with researchers at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to find answers.

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