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Fireworks safety

It's Fourth of July weekend, and celebrations wouldn’t be complete without fireworks. But when children are around it’s important to take extra precaution, as firework temperatures can reach extreme heights.

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Get Tested Memphis

In honor of National HIV Testing Day, Le Bonheur is urging members of our community to go out and get tested for HIV, the virus than can lead to AIDS.

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Le Bonheur Pediatrics practices to close for day on Sat., June 11

All Le Bonheur Pediatrics practices including: Memphis Pediatrics; Pediatric Consultants; Segal, Parker, Kronenberg, Tsiu and Eiseman;and Pediatric Associates will be closed for the day on Saturday, June 11.

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Hand, foot and mouth disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease – you might have heard about this virus before. But what is it and how should it be treated? Le Bonheur Pediatrician Rana Khaznadar, MD, answers some common questions below.

General Pediatrics
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Never leave your child in a hot car

Since 1998, more than 660 children across the United States have died while being left unattended in a hot vehicle. It doesn’t have to be very hot outside for a car to quickly heat up to dangerous levels, and young children are particularly at risk because their bodies heat up much faster than an adult’s.

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Your child’s sleep issues: Real or imagined?

Do your children really have as much trouble sleeping as you think they do? A recent study suggests that how well a parent sleeps may affect how well he or she thinks their children sleep.

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Le Bonheur expert recommendations in response to local measles cases

Following confirmation of six measles cases in Memphis, Le Bonheur infectious disease experts offer guidance and advice for parents.

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Preventing child abuse and neglect

We are often left wondering, was there a point at which someone could have intervened? A relative? A friend? A neighbor? Reporting suspected abuse is mandated by law.

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Protect your child from carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. You can’t see it, taste it or smell it, but it can be very dangerous.