Fee Based Collaboration

Published On 12/21/2015

Effective January 1, 2016

Biomedical Informatics Core

Fee Based REDCap Data Management Consulting

Fees for Biomedical Informatics Services are charged on a per project basis. For the fee of $150, we offer the following services for each project:

  • 2 hours of initial consultation and training for the study team
  • 6 hours of technical assistance, including but not limited to technical meetings, discussions, data transformation and importing services
  • 1 hour/month of technical support via email, phone, or onsite

Additional technical assistance will be charged at the rate of $60 per hour (REDCap manager).

Note: Requests for additional projects and personnel necessitates re-consideration of this scope of work. Additional fees may be requested if user requests are overly complex requiring extended interventions by the REDCap team.

These items may be uploaded when completing the online support request form.

Cerner Data Extraction

The Children’s Foundation Research Institute’s Biomedical Informatics Core at Le Bonheur provides data extraction services to support investigators in new discoveries and research to promote the improvement of health of pediatric populations. Our team has developed a protocol to ensure consistent, reliable and timely services are provided to all researchers seeking data extraction services while also allowing for fair compensation to the BMIC for services rendered.

Effective July 1, 2017: The cost model for the BMIC’s data extraction services includes a rate of $60 per hour. This fee is calculated and billed after a custom consultation with the requesting investigator has been completed followed by an in-depth analysis of the project's requirements by the BMIC's Cerner data extraction experts. These two foundational processes are used to develop a statement of work and accompanying cost proposal detailing a tentative timeline for delivery of the data, the mode of data delivery, a finalized list of attributes to be included in the resulting data set and a detailed cost estimate for the extraction. Once the statement of work and cost proposal have been agreed upon by all parties involved, the extraction process is initiated and the requesting investigator's business manager is contacted in regards to billing.

Biostatistics Core

Fee Based Collaboration

Initial consultation is free for the first hour, and appointments can be made using the online support request form. For the initial consult, please provide a draft proposal including research questions/hypotheses, aims of the study, primary and secondary (if applicable) outcomes, list of variables for which data will be collected, relevant articles, and any other documents relevant to the study. These items may be uploaded when completing the online support request form.

Estimated cost ($100/hour for PhD and $60/hour for master’s level statistician) and timeline for project completion will be discussed and finalized by both the PI and biostatistician prior to any data transfer. The PI will provide an account number and authorize charges prior to the biostatistician performing analyses. Data checks and validation will be performed by the CFRI Biostatistics Core and will be included in the cost estimate. The cost estimate will be revised if additional work is requested, or if extra work is necessary due to unexpected circumstances (e.g. messy data, etc.) not included in the original agreement.