Published On 02/24/2016

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center K-Club provides early career investigators and junior faculty with information and guidance for preparing and submitting applications for NIH Research Career Development Awards (K awards).

K-Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at noon, and is open to all investigators at UTHSC, as well as junior investigators from SJCRH and the University of Memphis. Senior investigators are encouraged to attend to contribute to the discussion and provide perspective.

Topics that have been covered in K-Club include “What are K Awards? Introduction and Basics of the Mechanism”; “Alternatives to the K Award: Subspecialty-Specific Awards”; “Report From the Front: My Experience in Securing K Award Funding”; “Advice and Red Flag Warnings for K Awards: From the Perspectives of a Review Panel Chair and a Standing Member” and “NIH Grant Peer Review: Demystifying the Process”. These topics are covered in a variety of manners, including discussion groups, interactive seminars (some from outside speakers), and workshops.

Questions and comments regarding K Club should be directed to:

Dennis D. Black, MD
J. D. Buckman Professor of Pediatrics
Professor of Physiology
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Operations Manager, iRISE CTSI
Director, Children's Foundation Research Institute
Vice President for Research, Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Phone: 901-287-5355
E-mail: dblack@uthsc.edu

K-Club grant writing workshop timeline

Please e-mail Dr. Dennis Black before Aug. 2 to confirm your participation in this workshop. See the "Grant Writing Workshop" file under Additional Resources (below) for more details.

July 12 Introduction and orientation Go to NIH kiosk and decide which K is right for you: https://researchtraining.nih.gov/programs/career-development
Aug. 9 Specific Aims Page Specific Aims Drafts due Aug. 2
Sept. 13 Career Development Plan Career Development Plan drafts due Aug. 23
Oct. 11 Research Plan Research Plan drafts due Sept. 27
Nov. 8 Biosketch Biosketch drafts due Oct. 25
Dec. 13 Budget Budget drafts due Dec. 22
Jan. 10 Canceled
Feb. 9 UT ORA deadline Complete submissions due
Feb. 12 NIH deadline
Feb. 14 Preparation for Mock Study Section
March 14 Mock Study Section
June 6 UT ORA deadline Complete submissions due
June 13 NIH deadline

Additional Resources: