DreamBuilders Society

Published On 05/12/2015

Individuals who have made provisions for future gifts through bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, retirement plan designations and gifts of insurance policies

To help secure the financial future of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital and in turn the future of our children, DreamBuilders are benefactors who have made planned gifts, large and small, to Le Bonheur. Their estate plans provide Le Bonheur the means to continue its work long-term, including complex care for critically ill and injured children, cutting-edge research, education and wellness and prevention programs.

Ms. Caryline Adkins
Gloria Andereck
Anonymous (7)
Linda Beidelschies Barnes
Mr. Michael Bell
Ms. Donna Billings
William W. Bond III and
Madonna B. Bond
Mr. Jon J. Bradshaw
Dorothy Bryce Morton
Mr. Michael Clark
Michelle Accardi Connors
Danny and Dinah Corley
Ms. Jean P. Dando
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Dean
Dr. Frank M. and Dr. Sandy J. Eggers
Ms. Willie B. Ellington
Dr. Phillip George
Tony and Ginger Graves
Dr. M. Cecil Gray
Mr. Charles Heifet
Ms. Laura Henry
Mrs. Helen P. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Jalenak, Jr.
Mrs. Gwen Johnson
Mr. Earl O. Jones
Nathaniel I. and Leslie M. Landau
Al and Carol LaRocca
Ernest and Linda Mannerino
Dr. Charles Marston
Annabelle Martin
Mr. James McGonigal
Phoebe T. Miller
Mr. Carl Newsom
Mr. and Mrs. William Pickens, Jr.
Kini Kedigh Plumlee
Mary Alice Quinn
Marie and Ed Roberson
Mr. Joshua Spotts and Dr. Caley Spotts
Mr. Asan G. Tejwani
Clinton N. Trusty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Q. Wilson
Ms. Sandy Wolf

We remember the individuals whose planned gifts have been received by Le Bonheur.

Ms. Marie Louise Albright
Emerson A. and Emily P. Alburty
Mrs. Pat Antici
Mr. John Aycock
Mr. Edward O. Bailey
Ms. Phyllis O. Bailey
Mrs. Eleanor Barnard
Wanda Kathryn Beane
Ms. Georgia C. Beasley
Mr. Charles A. Bender
Mr. Herman Bensdorf
Ms. Thelma Kee Blankenship
Mr. Winford D. Boston
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown
George W. and Louise W. Brown
Mr. James Newton Brown
Raymond H. Bryant
Mr. H. B. Buckingham
Mr. John Buckman
Ms. Mertie W. Buckman
Mr. Brown Burch
Mr. R. King Burton
Mr. Lonnie Guy Byrd
Mr. James C. Callis
Ms. Mary Coleman Callis
Jeannene and Thomas M. Cathey II
Ms. Lucille S. Chichester
Chismore Family
Mr. William B. Clark
Ms. Matilda Estelle Clarke
Mrs. Viness C. Coburn
Mr. Robert L. Cooper
Mr. Ed M. Copeland
John B. Crangle, Jr.
Mr. William J. Crutcher
Ms. Laura Sofoss Currie
F.C. and Annie P. Dailey
Ms. Dorothy B. Dalrymple
Mrs. Kathryn Fowler Davis
Ms. Pattie Mae Hicks Davis
Ms. Lavenia DeBerry
Mrs. Mae Densmore
Mrs. Loyce Doclar
Ms. Luella Dodge
Mrs. Lallah D. Dougherty
Mr. Earl C. Dykema
Ms. Ella Mae Dykema
Mrs. Capitola D. Edmondson
Mrs. John S. Edmondson
Ms. Nanette Edwards
Col. Tom and Kathleen Elam
Elliss Estate
Ms. Mary H. Erwin
Mrs. Marguerite Estridge
Catherine Ferguson
Mr. Raymond C. Firestone
Mrs. Marguerite Fooshee
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Foote
Mr. Lewis Merrill Ford
Mrs. Mary Ann Ford
Ms. Odelia Fortune
Mr. Joseph Fracchia
Ms. Katherine French
Ms. Nora L. Friedmann
Mary Elizabeth Fuchs
Ms. Edna Gabehart
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Goggio
Ms. Florence Graham
Mrs. Joan Gray
Mr. J. Robert Gross
Irene M. Haas
Ms. Bessie B. Hall
Mrs. Nellie B. Hamilton
Ms. Clara I. Hardin
Mr. Robert C. Harnden
Ethel Harrell
Mr. B. T. Harrington
Ms. Clara Waskom Harris
Mr. Daniel C. Harris
Ms. Marguerite P. Harris
Mr. Ronie E. Harris
Margaret Smith Hawkins and Hal Clark Hawkins
Ms. Alice M. Helmer
Mr. Jethro Peyton Henderson
Mr. Fred Cecil Higgins
Mr. William D. Hill
Ms. Lavada W. Hines
Ms. Agnes F. Hoehn
Lee Hoffman
Miss Helen E. Hon
Ms. Willa Horton
Ms. Elizabeth Hart Houston
Mr. George M. Houston
Mrs. Julie B. Isenberg
Felix Jackson
Ms. Nellie Mae Jarrett
Ms. Bessie C. Johnson
Mrs. Roby Johnston

Mrs. Louise G. Jones
Ms. Martha D. Jones
Ms. Blanche T. Kennedy
Mr. R. E. King
Ms. Nedra Berryman Kinningham
Ms. Anne G. Knapp
Mr. Elmer C. Ladd
Mrs. Bessie A. Landau
Mr. George Landres
Ms. Marie C. Leasure
Ms. Mamie B. Levis
Mrs. Ella E. Lipsey
Mrs. Suzanne Little
Mr. August A. Longinotti
Owen B. Loomis
Ms. Hattie M. Malone
Mr. Anthony Marchisio
Ms. Addie Marshall
Mrs. Louise L. Massey
June Shewmake McAnally
Ms. Verna McCastlain
Mr. John L. McDonald
Mr. Billie V. McDowell
Mrs. Jean B. McMillin
Ms. Estelle McWhirter
Ms. Alma A. Meyers
Ms. Clara M. Miller
Mr. Glenn R. Miller
Max Daniel Miller III
Ms. Betty Mills
Ms. Wilda G. Minton
Mr. Nilwon Armon Mitchell
Mr. Morrie A. Moss
Ms. Jean P. Murrell
Mr. C. P. Myracle
Mr. Lawrence H. Myracle
Miss Margaret C. Neely
Mr. Thomas Edgar Nelson
Mr. J. G. Nohsey
Mr. George E. Oliver
Mr. Max B. Ostner, Sr.
Mr. James E. Paulfrey
Mr. Russell D. Paulk, Sr.
Ms. Mabel S. Perkins
Mrs. Bertha Ann Porter
Ms. Bertha Powell
Mrs. Ellen M. Powell
Mr. William L. Quinlen, Jr.
Ms. Rita Ann Quinn
Mrs. Mary Carolyn Rabb
Mr. Clayton F. Rice
Mr. Erskin Rice
Mrs. Virginia B. Rice
Mr. Maurice E. Riggins
Mr. James V. Robertson
Ms. Mary Settle Rose
Mr. Lester Rosen
Ms. Fanny Rosenfield
Olivia Cunningham Sauls
Ms. Susie P. Schevenell
Ms. Lucille Schmon
Ms. Ella F. Schoening
Ms. Pauline B. Scott
Ms. Ruth D. Seabolt
Ms. Juanita Seabrook
Mr. Eugene Sebulsky
Mr. P.K. Seidman
Ms. Verna T. Sharpes
Mrs. Forrest Shields
Mr. John Chester Shields
Mr. Robert G. Shultz, Jr.
Ms. Josephine Sipe
Ms. Claire D. Smith
Mr. Ray A. Smith
William V. Smith
Mr. Mark Thomas Sneed
Mrs. Dathol Stafford
Ms. Harriet W. Stern
Mr. William C. Stotz
Mr. James B. Stricklan
Ms. Anastasia Watson Strickland
Ms. Irene Kay Stroh
Allen and Addie Taylor
Mr. R. Ben Taylor
Ms. Frances E. Tharpe
Edith Brown Thomas
Mrs. Thelma Strandlund Thomason
Mr. James Thomas Thompson
Mrs. Erasmia Touliatos
Ms. Winona Bates Tripp
Mr. Brooks Varner
Mrs. Margaret L. Vaughn
Mrs. Mary W. Wardlow
Mr. Herbert L. Warren, Sr.
Ms. Ceola Weed
Ms. Dorothy C. West
Mr. William L. Wiles
Ms. Savannah S. Wilkes
Ms. Barbara Allen Wilkinson
Mr. Fletcher Earl Wilkinson
Mr. Robert L. Williams
Ms. Margie Woods
Ms. Donna Blair Wooldridge
Ms. Rose B. Young


Le Bonheur Club members are noted in bold
* Deceased