Good Hour Society

Published On 05/12/2015

Cumulative gifts of $25,000 to $99,999

Members of the Good Hour Society support Le Bonheur through lifetime cumulative gifts of $25,000 to $99,999. Good Hour Society donors are generous philanthropists, committed to maintaining the legacy of the founders of the hospital by ensuring the best care and resources will be available to children who need treatment.

The Good Hour Society is named for the French translation of Le Bonheur’s name – “happiness” or “the good hour.” Le Bonheur’s earliest fundraisers believed that each hour spent with children was a “good hour.”

Caren and Barney Abis
Bob and Donna Abney
Ace Hardware Corp.
Adams and Reese, LLP
Ms. Caryline Adkins
Dr. Charles E. Adwell
Emerson A. and Emily P. Alburty*
Jane and Ben Amaba
Amoco Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. and Dr. K.J.S. Anand
Anonymous (3)
Aqua Yacht Harbor
Don and Meri Armour
Armstrong Relocation Company
Armstrong Rousseau VFW Post 684
Employees of Ashley Furniture
Ripley and Ecru, MS
Atlas Tube (USA), Inc.
Automotive Booster Club B-25
Consolacion V. Cancio-Babu, MD
Phyllis O. Bailey*
Rob and Vicki Baird
Eleanor Barnard
Luis A. Barranco, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Bastedo
Charles A. Bender*
Herman Bensdorf*
Mrs. Arthur C. Best*
Dr. Dennis Black and Dr. Gail Beeman
Drs. Martin and Johnetta Blakely
Thelma Kee Blankenship
Sam and Bess Block, Jr.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bond
Mrs. Charles Brakefield*
James Newton Brown*
Paula and Don Brown
Pete H. Brown and Mildred F. Brown Foundation
George W. and Louise W. Brown Memorial Trust
Brown Missionary Baptist Church
Buckeye Technologies, Inc.
Mr. H. B. Buckingham
Mr. Robert E. Cannon* and Ms. Kitty Cannon
Cargill, Inc.
Carnival Memphis
Rob and Jenny Carter
Kavanaugh and Dennis Casey
Thomas M. and Jeannene Cathey*
Cerner Corporation
Champion International Corporation
Russell W.* and P. Joan Chesney
Chismore Family Trust
The Family of Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Christopher
City Auto Sales
Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Drs. Sandra and Harris Cohen
Mrs. Louise W. Collier
Wilbur O. Colom
Michelle Accardi Connors
Cook International, Inc.
Cooper/T. Smith Stevedoring Co. Inc.
Danny and Dinah Corley
Credit Unions for Kids
The Crippled Children Vitreoretinal Research Foundation
John and Betty Crowe
F. C. and Annie P. Dailey Trust
Dancesmiths Fred Astaire Dance Studio
Colas C. Deaton*
Delta Beverage Group, Inc.
Dive Shop, Inc.
Diversified Trust Co., Inc.
Lee and Joe Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. Bob E. Duncan
Duncan-Williams, Inc.
East Tennessee Children’s Hospital
Eastside Automotive, Inc.
Bruce and Carlisle Edenton
Mr. and Mrs. Ken W. Edmundson
Elvis Presley Burning Love Fan Club
The Emmes Corporation
Dr. Thomas and Lee Ernst
Essix Resources, Inc.
FedEx Customer Service Operations
FedEx Employees Credit Association
FedEx Express Human Resources
FedEx Express Southern Region Operations
FedEx Memphis Hub
FedEx Pilots’ Wives Association
FedEx TechConnect/OBKRC
Eddie and Gloria Felsenthal
Karen Fields Isaacman and Ken Isaacman
Raymond C. Firestone
Flautt, Inc.
Mary Ann D. Ford*
Ms. Katherine French
Ms. Nora L. Friedmann*
Friends & Family of Po Boys Auction
Mr. Michael D. Fryt
Furman Selz Mager Dietz & Birney

Dr. Sherry A. Gates
GE Capital Aviation Services
Kelly and Brent Gerhart
Gift of Life MidSouth
Kathryn and Jim Gilliland
Lucia and Jim Gilliland
Dr. Barry and Elizabeth Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Glass
Gleason High School
Mike and Donna Glenn
Go Lucy Go Foundation
Goldsmith’s Federated Department Stores
The Gooch Family
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Graves
Tony and Ginger Graves
Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation
Mr. J. R. Gross
Guardsmark, Inc.
Irene M. Haas*
Bessie B. Hall
Jane Hanafin
Dr. and Mrs. W. Ricks Hanna
Ronie E. Harris*
Dr. and Mrs. Wayland J. Hayes III
Heinz U. S. A.
Helena Chemical Company
Gary and Peggy Henley
The Hershey Company
F. Cecil Higgins*
Highland Capital Management, LLC
Ms. Agnes F. Hoehn*
Hamp and Nancy Holcomb
Bill and Clara Dean Hope
Thomas and Martha Horton
Sherry and Jim Hudson
Justin and Selena Hulbert
Ideal Chemical & Supply Co.
Independent Bank
InSouth Bank
Insulation & Refractories Services, Inc.
Mrs. Roby Johnston*
Mr. Louise G. Jones*
Dr. and Mrs. Royce Joyner
Junior League of Memphis
Mohan and Shaila Karkera
Kevin Wright, Inc.
Romeo Khazen
Dr. and Mrs. Noah B. Kimball
Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Kimberly-Clark Credit Union
Mrs. William King
Nedra Berryman Kinningham*
Mrs. Anne G. Knapp*
Mimi and S L Kopald, Jr.
Sonya A. Krivcher
The Krystal Company
Lackie Trading, Inc.
Drs. Max and Sue Langham
Lauren, Linda and Rande Lazar
Chris and Adrienne LeBlanc
Lenny’s Franchisor, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Lenoir
Ralph M. Lewis*
Lexus of Memphis
Litco Petroleum, Inc.
Lucille E. Little*
James and Martha Lockard
Loeb Properties, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. LaVerne R. Lovell
William P. & Marie R. Lowenstein Foundation
Evelyn and Jerome Makowsky
Mapco Petroleum
Marianna Sales Company
Marsh & McLennan, Inc.
Louise L. Massey*
Ken and Marilyn Masterson
Dr. and Mrs. William N. May
Karen and Mark McGough
Mr. and Mrs. Chris J. McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey McLellan
Memorial Park Funeral Home
Memphis Area Teachers’ Credit Union
Memphis City Employees Credit Union
Memphis Grizzlies Charitable Foundation
Memphis Region Ford Dealers
Memphis Sonic Properties
John and Deborah Merino
Merit Distribution Services
Ms. Alma A. Meyers*
Mike Rose Soccer Complex
Dr. Steve and Wendy Miller
Mills Morris Business Interiors
Wilda Minton*
Mississippi University for Women
Nilwon Armon Mitchell*
Morrison Management Specialists
The Flora Belle Moss & Bessie
Abigail Moss Foundation
National Philoptochos Social Services
Newman’s Own

nexAir, LLC
Mr.* and Mrs. Frank M. Norfleet
Northwest Airlines
Kenneth and Daulene Norwood
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Nunn
Orgill, Inc.
Packaging Corporation of America
B. Rao and Indira Paidipalli
Partners Seeking a Cure (PSC)
Mary J. Patterson*
Payden & Rygel
The Family of Lucas J. Pedersen
The Pentair Foundation
Barbara and Michael Pera
Dr. Lily Pereiras
Pam and Ben Peternell
Pfizer Foundation, Inc.
Rick and Janet Phillips
Dominic and Kathy Pileggi
Kim and Johnny Pitts
Ms. Bertha A. Porter*
Power & Telephone Supply
Barbara and Allie Prescott
Procter & Gamble
Lana and Gary Prosterman
Mary Alice Quinn
Razorback Concrete Company
Mr. Clayton F. Rice
Nick and Judy Ringel
James V. Robertson*
Robinson Toyota/Mazda
Tresia L. Roddey
Mike and Debbi Fields Rose
The Rudner Memorial Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Russell
Dr. Joel and Esther Saltzman
Mr. Arthur R. Sansom
Sara Lee
Fred and Courtney Schaeffer
Schering-Plough Healthcare
Schilling Motors, Inc.
L.W. Scruggs*
Security Bank
Security’s Lending Hand Foundation
Sewell-Allen, Inc. (Piggly Wiggly)
Verna T. Sharpes*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Shaw
Shelby Group International, Inc.
Karla and Bill Shopoff
Mr. Robert G. Shultz, Jr.*
Barbara and Stefan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Smythe, Jr.
Mr. Denver Sneed*
Mark Thomas Sneed*
The Forrest Spence Fund
Spencer Gifts
Larry and Barbara Spratlin
St. Agnes Academy
St. Jude Medical
Stanley Steemer
Robby and Jennifer Staten
SunTrust Bank
The Bodine Company, Inc.
Thelma Thomason
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Thompson*
Dr. Gail Thurmond
Tony’s Pizza Service
Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.
Ron and Peggy Troy
UCA Children’s Charities Foundation
United Way of Obion County
United Way of West Tennessee, Inc.
University of Mississippi RebelTHON
Victory Capital Management, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Hershel P. Wall
Rush and Clara Gwen Waller
Marianne and Ron Walter
Mary W. Wardlow*
Dr. and Mrs. William C. Warner, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. E. Hunter Welles
Dorothy C. West*
Dr. James and Annette Wheless
Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Wiertelak
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Wilder
Cal and Linda Wilkins
Will Rogers Institute
Mrs. David G. Williams, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan F. Williams
James F. and Burnetta B.* Williams
Mrs. Jane W. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Williams
The Darryl Worley Foundation, Inc.
Wright Medical Technology, Inc.
Mary and Charles Wurtzburger
Reginald Wurzburg Foundation


Le Bonheur Club members are noted in bold
* Deceased