Milestones Matter: Typical Development 4 Years Old

Milestones Matter: Typical Development 4 Years Old

Developmental milestones are physical or behavioral signs of development of children. By using these milestones, you can compare your child’s progress against children in the same age group.  What should you be looking out for in your 4 year old’s development? Our pediatricians have put together a list of the typical milestones for a 4 year old.  

  • Runs 45 feet in 6 seconds or less
  • Jumps forward 26 inches with 2 feet lands with no loss of balance
  • Throws ball overhanded and underhanded ~10 feet
  • In standing, hits target with ball ~5 feet away with an underhanded toss
  • Stands on 1 foot with hands on hips for ~5 seconds
  • Walks forward 4 feet without stepping of line and without heels touching toes, hands on hip
  • Runs with arms moving back and forth, balls of feet push off, toes pointed forward, high knee and heel lift, and trunk leaning forward
  • Catches ball with hands
  • Stands on tiptoes with arms overhead (like a ballerina) for ~8 seconds
  • Descends 4 steps with a reciprocal pattern without support
  • Jumps forward ~6 inches on 1 foot
  • Hits target by throwing ball overhanded from ~5 feet away
  • Runs and stops within 2 steps without falling
  • Walks line backwards ~4 feet without stepping off line more than once
  • Jumps forward 30 inches using both feet for take-off and landing
  • Hops forward on single leg 5 hops and then changes foot and hops for 3 to 5 hops

One thing to remember is that every child develops differently, and every parent will have a different experience. The time some children develop milestones can vary. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to discuss them with your child’s pediatrician.

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