Milestones Matter: Typical Gross Motor Development 1-2 Years Old

Milestones Matter: Typical Gross Motor Development 1-2 Years Old

When do babies start crawling or walking? When do toddlers start saying their first words? Developmental milestones are a great way to know if your little tyke is on the right path. They can also alert you to any possible signs of autism or developmental disabilities. Our pediatricians have come up with a list of typical development milestones that range from 13 months to 24 months.

13 Months

  • Walks unassisted for 3 feet
  • While standing, bends down to pick up toy and return to standing without falling
  • Stands alone for 1 minute

14 Months

  • Walks sideways without support ~3 feet
  • Eases self from stand to sitting without support
  • Kneels for 1 minute without using hands

15 Months

  • Walks backwards unassisted for ~3 feet
  • Rises from sitting to standing from the floor by pushing up through hands on the floor
  • Walks with no assistance (start and stop) for ~8 feet
  • Walks while holding onto toy for ~5 feet

16 Months

  • Stands on one foot with assistance for ~2 seconds on each foot
  • Pushes/pulls toy with good standing balance
  • Crawls into adult chair and turns to sit
  • Sustains tall kneeling for 5 seconds while turning head

17 Months

  • Sits in small chair by backing self into seat
  • Picks up object from the ground and throws object
  • Prefers to walk then creep (crawl)
  • On hands and knees, crawls up 3 steps/stairs

18 Months

  • While playing, only asks for help 2 times in 5 minutes
  • With assistance, runs for ~3 feet
  • Crawls backwards down 3 steps/stairs
  • Walks up 4 steps with support
    • Both feet on each step (might do reciprocal)

19 Months

  • Plays in squatting with support from hands
  • Pushes and pulls toy while walking for 5 feet
  • When big ball is thrown will walk into the ball
  • Walks fast and backwards well

20 Months

  • Runs for 3 feet only falling once
  • Walks while carrying large object ~5 feet
  • On balance beam, will walk with one foot on the ground
  • Kick ball (foo contacts ball, travel ~3 feet)
  • Throws ball 5 feet (extends arm at shoulder or elbow)

21 Months

  • Squats in play for 3 minutes without use of hands
  • Gets off adult chair with no assistance
  • Negotiates stairs on bottom 3 steps/stairs with no help
  • Walks down 3 steps with assistance of 1 finger
    • One or both feet on each step (21-22 months)
  • Kicks ball 3 feet (21-28 months)
  • Throws ball 3 feet in air overhanded and underhanded (21-28 months 

22 Months

  • Runs without falling ~5 feet
  • Jumps with assistance (should be jumping at 2 years)
  • Pushes stroller while walking ~5 feet

23 Months

  • Ascends 3 steps while holding onto rail
    • Both feet on each step
  • With 1 foot, walks on a line for ~5 feet

24 Months

  • Descends 3 steps while holding onto rail
    • 2 feet on each step
  • Learning to catch ball with both arms
    • Encases balls with arms and brings ball to chest
  • Learning to jump off the ground with no assistance
  • Sits on small toy car and propels self with feet
  • Tandem standing on a line for 2 seconds

One thing to remember is that every child develops differently, and every parent will have a different experience. Although there is an age level for each milestone, the time some children develop that milestone can vary. If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to discuss them with your child’s pediatrician during their regular check-ups.

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