Nosebleeds 101

Nosebleeds 101

Does your child get nosebleeds? Whether your child has had one or several, nosebleeds can be frightening. Le Bonheur Pediatric Otolaryngologist Jerome Thompson, MD, answers some of parents' most common questions about nosebleeds below.

What causes nosebleeds?
In boys, testosterone release can cause them to occur. Dryness, picking and (rarely) hypertension can also be causes of nosebleeds. Also, a cold or allergy can cause swelling and irritation inside the nose, which may lead to bleeding.

How should you treat a nosebleed?
Squeeze the soft part of the nose for about 20 minutes with your child's head facing forward, not up or down. Do not use ice or a cold compress.

Can a nosebleed be serious?
See a pediatrician if bleeding persists after 20 minutes or if it occurs more than once a month. Also see a doctor if your child is coughing or vomiting up blood.

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