Successful start to school

Successful start to school

Starting a new school year can be challenging for many families. Children often feel the stress of meeting new teachers and classmates and wondering what the upcoming school year will look like for them. Parents can play a very important role in the success of their child’s school year.

Here are some tips from Trina Gillam, who serves as one of the supervisors of Le Bonheur’s Healthy Families program.

Sleep Discipline — every child needs a proper sleep schedule before school starts. Develop and implement a schedule before school begins.

Focus on the Positive — discuss the positive aspects of school with your child. Set positive goals for the school year with your child.

Express Feelings — allow your child to express good or bad feelings about the upcoming school year.

Take a Tour — if your child will be attending a new school, ask if you can take a tour. Try to schedule your tour with a principal or school administrator. This will help your child become familiar with new surroundings before the first day.

Review the School’s Website — allow your child to view the school’s website with you. Many schools post information such as calendars, student policies and teacher web pages on their sites. This is an opportunity for your child to view the school virtually.

Motivate, Motivate — ignite excitement about the upcoming school year. Invite family and friends over for a back-to-school celebration. Use your child’s school mascot as a celebration theme.

Reassurance — let your child know you will be available to support his or her learning and that school is important. Attend school meetings and activities. Keep up with assignments and your child’s progress. Assist your child with homework. Remain in ongoing contact with your child’s teacher(s).

Resilience — encourage your child to be resilient. Children who are resilient can handle challenging situations, solve problems, focus and understand mistakes happen to everyone.

Here are a few websites that Trina recommends for families:

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