Patient Care Delivery

Patient care delivery at Le Bonheur is focused on the patient and family. Nurses at Le Bonheur provide care through our commitment to the following:


  • We support the patient and family spiritually, physically and emotionally.
  • We serve with a compassionate spirit and treat others with dignity and respect.
  • We recognize that the nurse/patient relationship is an important factor in the healing process.

Evidence-based Practice

  • We use evidence and best practices to guide, support and improve patient outcomes.
  • We are engaged in data collection and analysis to improve practice.
  • We are committed to the advancement of nursing through research and dissemination of the findings.


  • We are personally willing to change.We are curious and openly seek new approaches, processes, technology and practices to improve outcomes.
  • We collaborate with patients, families and our team to implement new ways of improving the health care experience.