Professional Relationships

Nursing practice at Le Bonheur is supported through our professional relationships. We are committed to the following:

Community Outreach

  • We develop partnerships to identify the health care needs within the community.
  • We extend our practice in the community to meet the health care needs of patients/families and groups.
  • We support the community through volunteerism.


  • We encourage an atmosphere that promotes the opportunity for something extraordinary to happen.
  • We incorporate teaching into all aspects of care.
  • We openly share information with patients and families to receive the best outcomes.
  • We actively contribute to the professional development of others.


  • We believe that patients and families are our partners in care.
  • We believe that the collegial partnerships are fundamental to safe, reliable care.We openly share information to achieve the best outcome.


  • We are accountable for the quality of patient care by maintaining competence.
  • We practice according to our profession’s code of ethics, standards of practices and legal regulations.
  • We hold ourselves and others accountable for actions and outcomes in the care of our patients, their families and each other.
  • We are accountable for the delegation of nursing care activities to nurses and other health care workers.