Transformational Leadership

The basis for our excellent professional practice begins with strong leadership. At Le Bonheur, we are committed to the following:

Shared Governance

  • Nurses are empowered to make a difference through active involvement in decisions that affect nursing practice.
  • Structures support the voice of our profession.We define, promote and evaluate our practice through the voice of the nurse.
  • There are three levels within our shared governance structure:

           1) Unit-Based Clinical Practice Councils
           2) Support Councils
           3) Coordinating Councils


  • We recognize and maintain boundaries that establish appropriate limits to relationships.
  • We promote active involvement in nursing professional organizations.
  • We conduct ourselves and behave in ways that exemplify the professional nurse.


  • We accept and honor the trust placed in us through our faith-based mission.
  • We follow through on all commitments.We maximize care by wisely using our resources.