Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital is committed to promoting a culture of appreciation and respect for all people. We support our Associates, physicians and providers across all aspects of diversity to ensure an environment of inclusivity that provides the best care for patients, families and our community. Upholding our values of service, quality, integrity, teamwork and innovation, Le Bonheur embraces the differences across all human experiences equipping Associates, physicians and providers to do the same.

Heart of the Matter: Diversity Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Steering Committee was formed in response to the overwhelming evidence of the inequities in our society and our concern that these affect care and caregivers. The committee was intentionally designed to have representation from various Le Bonheur entities and actively meets every two weeks to continue addressing matters of diversity equity and inclusion at Le Bonheur.

Le Bonheur hosts a White Coats for Black Lives event


Our vision for diversity equity and inclusion at Le Bonheur is:

  • To create safe and equitable spaces and platforms for Associates, physicians and providers where critical conversations and personal narratives can be shared.
  • To offer training opportunities that teach and enhance cultural humility and cultural sensitivity.
  • To educate on the effects of racism, unconscious bias, explicit bias and microaggressions in health care and the workplace.
  • To create affinity groups, Associate and provider resource groups and mentorship opportunities to foster a culture that leverages our differences and enhances relationships.
  • To collaborate with Mission Integration, Community Outreach, ULPS, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Center for Bioethics and Health Equity and other Le Bonheur entities as we strive to eliminate barriers to equitable health for our patients and families.

Committee Members

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee is composed of individuals across the spectrum of Le Bonheur’s divisions and entities. The committee members are:

  • Sara Burnett - Community and Public Relations
  • Cynthia Cross, MD, FAAP - Hospital Medicine
  • Brandon Edgerson, MS, PharmD - Chief Operating Officer
  • Karen Faught - Human Resources
  • Trina V. Gillam, MEd - Early Childhood Services
  • Billy Holcombe, PhD - Neuropsychology
  • Sandra Madubuonwu, MSN, CLC, RN - Community Outreach
  • Nellann Mettee - Marketing and Communications
  • Robyn Noble Powell - Center for Bioethics and Health Equity
  • Alize Prather - Community and Public Relations
  • Jacquelyn Stringer - Communications
  • Rev. Dr. Sarita Wilson - Spiritual Care


The committee surveyed the needs of 255 leaders at Le Bonheur to assess their comfort level regarding various topics around racism. Preliminary results found a need for more education on microaggressions, cultural humility, intersectionality, allyship and implicity/explicit bias. The Le Bonheur Senior Leadership Team visited the National Civil Rights Museum with a guided tour, followed by an opportunity for reflection and feedback.

What’s Next

Associates, providers and physicians are invited to submit feedback to the committee, including questions, comments, suggestions for topics to discuss or concerns related to diversity equity and inclusion, by completing this form.

The committee will partake in diversity training to better navigate and facilitate difficult conversations among teams at Le Bonheur while continuing to educate Associates, providers and physicians on related topics.