Jennifer Barnes: Brain tumor case study

Published On 08/11/2014

Jennifer Barnes was in a car accident in 2007 as a result of a seizure. An MRI revealed a tumor in her posterior frontal lobe. She had a biopsy at the time, but surgeons felt the tumor was not safe to resect. Seizures were controlled by medication until 2013.

The tumor was touching areas of the brain responsible for movement in her right hand and right side of the face. Barnes had two surgeries at Le Bonheur – the first to place the subdural grids for direct cortical stimulation and mapping. This supported information gathered noninvasively. She then returned for surgery to remove the grid and tumor.

Barnes was asleep for both surgeries. Barnes experienced motor skill delays in her right hand following surgery and completed physical therapy. She also has some difficulties with word and sentence generation. Following surgery, Barnes completed six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy and continues chemotherapy today. She is unable to work as an executive assistant as she did before diagnosed, but she finds joy in spending time with her daughter, dogs and working in her yard. Her seizures are resolved.