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Published On 11/17/2016

Craniofacial program helps children with facial deformities.

Cynthia Fajardo doesn’t remember much about the day her daughter was born. She recalls arriving at the hospital and going into labor -- a full week past her due date. Then came the shock when delivery room doctors handed Cynthia her little girl, Betzabeth. Betzabeth was born with a Tessier cleft palate and cleft lip, leaving an inch-wide gap in the middle of her face. In the last 17 years, Le Bonheur has continued to expand its craniofacial program, bringing together a team of multidisciplinary specialists who care for hundreds of children like Betzabeth born with severe congenital facial and skull deformities.

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betzabeth before surgery photo

Case Study: Betzabeth Fajardo

When Cynthia Fajardo’s daughter, Betzabeth, was born, she was “shocked” by her daughter’s appearance. Betzabeth was born with a Tessier cleft palate and cleft lip, which left an inch-long gap between her eyes and upper lip.

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Braxton photo in cranio kids sweater

Case Study: Braxton Ganus

Brittany and Jordan Ganus weren’t overly concerned when they noticed their son Braxton was born with a large bump on the back of his head. But by Braxton’s 6-month check up, his skull had grown larger and was elongated and narrow.

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Neurologists at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital are leading a new pediatric clinical trial of cannabidiol (CBD), a compound extract from a cannabis plant, which they hope will help minimize the frequency and length of seizures for children with epilepsy. The new trial, currently in its third phase, studies the potential benefits of CBD for children with epilepsy.

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Chester Brown, PhD

Chester Brown, MD, PhD, says one day he’ll be able to study a child’s genetic blueprint and assess his or her risk for certain diseases. He’ll be able to create a roadmap of precision-based medicine that helps physicians develop the most effective treatment options for children.

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Lizzie Gray

Diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and bilateral hearing loss, Lizzie Kate Gray has had two major surgeries, nearly 30 hospital stays and hundreds of follow-up and therapy appointments in her five short years. The Grays are one of nearly 3 million families in the United States caring for a medically complex child. A bipartisan bill called the Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act of 2015 (ACE Kids Act) aims to improve care for children like Lizzie Kate.

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Since it first applied in 2007, Le Bonheur has used U.S. News’ Best Children’s Hospital survey as a standard bearer for best practices. The rankings allow the hospital to verify that its programs are at or above the level of other top children’s hospitals and reassure parents and families about quality of care and dedication to improvement.

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Gestational exposure to combustion-derived particular matter can lower energy expenditure at least in part through alterations to mitochondrial metabolism, according to a new study from researchers at Le Bonheur Children’s and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

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