Early Success Coalition

Jennifer Shiberou, Addis,and Samuel at Treadwell Elementary

Le Bonheur is part of the Early Success Coalition (ESC), a broad-based collaborative focused on improving the lives of families with young children in Shelby County.

The ESC has four community goals:

  • improve birth outcomes
  • decrease child abuse and neglect
  • improve school readiness
  • improve third grade academic achievement

The ESC has been awarded public and private funds to develop the Early Success Neighborhood -- a comprehensize system demonstration project to improve all domains of school readiness:

  • physical
  • cognitive
  • social
  • emotional

The funds will support early home visitation programs and child development screenings (in pediatrician offices, childcare centers, Head Starts, etc.). Additional services including mental health consultation and parenting training/leadership programs will be provided in three high-risk zip codes in south Memphis.

Along with the more than 60 partners, the ESC has contributed to decreases in infant mortality, declines in child abuse and improvements in school readiness.

For more information, please call 901-287-4700.