If you’ve signed your child up for camp this summer, you’re probably both nervous and excited for their adventures ahead. Safe Kids Mid-South offers some helpful tips for parents. Check out these four tips to help ensure your child’s safety at summer camp.

  • Safety is safety, whether you are living in a house or a tent. Hot things are still hot. Knives are still sharp. Teach your children to be responsible for their own safety. Review Safe Kids' safety tips for swimming, boating and sports and share them with your camp-bound children.
  • Be sure to send your children with the appropriate clothing and gear. Camps will often send a required packing list. Follow it. The right gear will help your campers stay safe.
  • Weather safety is extremely important. Camp counselors are well-trained and well-attuned to weather conditions, but your children need to know how to help themselves if they get caught in a bad weather situation. Talk with your children about some summer weather safety tips, including the importance of staying hydrated.
  • Give your children a few first aid basics such as when to use a bandage, what a tick might look like, and how to spot poison ivy. Camp counselors can help, but they need to be made aware when there is a minor first-aid issue.