Vondrea Davis, a behavior specialist with Le Bonheur Community Health and Well-Being, shares some helpful tips for how to use positive language to improve your child's behavior. Watch the short video to learn more.

To improve your child's behavior:

  • Replace "don't" with "do." Instead of saying "Don't play ball in the house." Try saying "Play with the ball outside."
  • Tell your child when. If you can't play with your child now, say "I can play with you after dinner."
  • Use first/then language. Say "First, we will brush our teeth. Then, we will read a book."
  • Give your child time to think. Children's brains don't process information as quickly as adult brains do. Give your child time to process what you've told them to do.
  • Give your child only what he can handle. Break it down in steps, and limit the amount of instruction you give your child at one time.