Music Therapy: Zecari Taylor, 2

Zecari Taylor hardly knew life outside of a hospital for her first two years. Born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, she was brought to Le Bonheur immediately after her birth.

After several failed rounds of medical therapy, Zecari was added to the heart transplant list.

“Before her transplant, she was very sick,” said Zecari’s dad, Christopher. “She just wanted to lay down and rest.”

But thanks to Le Bonheur Music Therapist Taylor Brown, Zecari’s hospital stay was eased, and she was able to heal faster.

“Music played an essential role in calming her nerves and anxiety,” Brown said. “Through various music therapy techniques, we were able to make sure that she didn’t fall too far behind developmentally.”

Brown worked with Zecari on verbalization and communication using songs to teach concepts like animals and colors, as well as transitioning between activities and following directions.

Music played an essential role in calming her nerves and anxiety. Through various music therapy techniques, we were able to make sure that she didn't fall too far behind developmentally.

Music Therapist Taylor Brown, MT-BC, NICU MT

Zecari waited 200 days at Le Bonheur, finally receiving her new heart at 18 months old. Music therapy continued to play a role in her hospital stay post-transplant as Brown was able to sing the songs that Zecari learned before her transplant. This familiar music provided a sense of normalcy and continuity when Zecari was in pain in a new unit surrounded by new people.

Zecari started changing immediately after surgery. She used to be a sick kid who needed constant rest. Now she is very playful, eating well and even learning to get along with her siblings.

Now 2 years old, Zecari still delights in seeing Brown when she comes in for her regular checkups. For Zecari and her family, music was the language that helped Zecari heal and become a kid again.

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