Case Study: Eisleigh Bennett, 6 weeks

Prenatal Diagnosis: Lymphangioma 
Treatment: Sclerotherapy

Kaylee Switcher of Corinth, Miss., knew what to expect. Her daughter, Eisleigh, had been diagnosed with a lymphangioma in utero at 32 weeks. She met weekly with a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Le Bonheur’s Fetal Center until delivery, where she also consulted with members of the Pediatric Vascular Anomalies team.

When she delivered Eisleigh on April 3 at 38 weeks, the benign mass on the left side of her neck was there.

eisleigh body

The family followed up in the Pediatric Vascular Anomalies Clinic when Eisleigh was 2 weeks old and again four weeks later. By that time, the malformation had drastically grown. She underwent her first sclerotherapy session in May and is expected to need more to control the lesion. For each sclerotherapy treatment, Neuroendovascular Surgeon Lucas Elijovich, MD, co-director of the Pediatric Vascular Anomalies Center, injects sclerosant, doxycycline, that will cause inflammation and subsequent scarring and collapse of the cyst.

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