Thanksgiving at FedExFamilyHouse


When longtime FedEx employee Diane Haley first learned of FedExFamilyHouse, she was touched by the work being done there. She told her husband, Doug, and something began to stir inside them.

The couple felt overwhelmingly grateful for the blessings in their own lives, and they were compelled to find a way to give back. Months went by, but that feeling lingered. Then one day, Diane called FedExFamilyHouse to see if she could plan a Thanksgiving meal.

When she suggested to Doug that they prepare Thanksgiving dinner for FedExFamilyHouse families, he was shocked, as Diane has never been a cook. Nevertheless, they forged ahead with the idea and began to plan a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal. The Haleys and their children, in-laws and friends, jumped into gear that first year along with other dedicated volunteers. It was such a heartwarming success that Diane realized this could be a family tradition of service.

Though the faces have changed throughout the seven years Diane and Doug have hosted, the dinner has grown each year. They have served anywhere between 30 and 70 people, and they look forward to providing a few worry-free moments for these special families for many years to come.

For Diane, FedExFamilyHouse will always hold a special place in her heart. “It’s a home. It’s not a hotel, but it’s truly a home for these families. We can’t take away their pain or worry, but having a place to feel comfortable is so important. We are no different or special, just blessed and thankful, and we feel honored to serve these families.”

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