Published On 03/06/2014

How can I incorporate the CFRI into my grant?

We will work with you to determine how much support you need and help calculate, so that you can incorporate that in your budget for grant application. If you already have a grant, we will work with you budget for our services.

Can anyone use the CFRI? 
Investigators must be faculty members at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center or work under the auspices of a faculty member. If you have questions about this, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to discuss it.

When should I get the CFRI involved in my study?
Early. The sooner, the better. We are great at helping researchers avoid some common pitfalls in research design, and we can walk you through the process of designing your project for success from the start.

I only need one service. Can I use the CFRI for just that one service? 
One or many, the choice is yours.

Will the CFRI provide consulting services for my grant?
Yes. We love to help researchers develop grants.

Will the CFRI help with my pilot study?
Yes. We are great at helping with pilot studies to help determine how the full study should be designed and executed.

Pediatric Research Database

What can Pediatric Research Database (PRD) be used for?
The PRD is a good way to perform quick searches for basic results on cohorts. You can determine how many patients are in your cohort and see the demographic breakdown. You can compare multiple cohorts, if you wish. And when you have narrowed down your cohort of interest and received your IRB approval, we can pull the detail records for your cohort and save you some time.

Who is allowed access to PRD?
Anyone on the faculty in the UTHSC Department of Pediatrics or on the Le Bonheur Children's hospital staff. Each person will need a UTHSC email address to be granted access.

How do I obtain access to PRD?
You must have a University of Tennessee Health Science Center logon. Then complete the data use agreement and send it in an email requesting access. We’ll be glad to set you up. Call 901-287-5044 with any questions.

Is PRD training available?
Yes, and we do recommend a short training session. In an hour, you’ll be able to navigate on your own.

Do I need IRB approval to use the PRD or REDCap?
You do not need IRB approval to use the PRD; that is part of the purpose of the PRD. You may need IRB approval to access a specific database in REDCap; it depends on whether you intend to distribute your findings via presentations or publications.

What range of datasets is available in the PRD?
Currently, we have eight years of data on every inpatient, observation, ambulatory surgery and emergency encounter in the PRD. We have all the basic coded clinical data, as well as demographic data for these encounters. We will soon add a ninth year of data.


What is REDCap?
REDCap is database system that allows for protected and secure data storage for researchers. It is user friendly and has several provisions to protect PHI. It can easily export data into formats for use in major statistical programs.

Is REDCap training available?
Yes. We offer customized REDCap training. Additionally, the REDCap site has several videos available for your viewing pleasure.