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Published On 12/26/2012

Le Bonheur investigators have access to state-of-the-art research facilities that give them the best chance at finding new treatments and cures. Some of those facilities include:

Administrative Core 
The Administrative Core oversees all aspects of CFRI operations, including contracting and invoicing for industry-sponsored trials, maintenance of basic research laboratory equipment and laboratory safety compliance.

Grant and Contract Management
The CFRI assists researchers in securing funding by identifying funding sources and coordinating proposals to government agencies, foundations and other grant-making organizations. The CFRI also facilitates the contracting process for sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical research studies.

Regulatory Core 
The Regulatory Core coordinates research efforts with UTHSC, Institutional Review Board (IRB) and hospital and university staff to ensure research is carried out in compliance with local and federal regulations. The UTHSC IRB is the IRB of record for all human research conducted by UTHSC faculty members.

Scientific Editing 
A PhD level scientific editor assists researchers with preparation and development of scientific publications and presentations.

The Biomedical Informatics Core (BMIC) 
The BMIC provides best-in-class informatics support for all CFRI researchers and UTHSC pediatrics faculty. For more information, see BMIC webpage.

Biostatistics Core 
The biostatics core provides assistance with study planning, study design, power calculations, and statistical analyses. For more information, see the Biostatistics webpage.

Clinical Trials Support 
The CFRI provides infrastructure and clinical expertise to facilitate therapeutic, pharmaceutical and disease-oriented research. The CFRI’s research support staff includes research coordinators with research certificates from SOCRA or ACRP and research data specialists. Available support includes data management, subject recruitment, phlebotomy services, protocol monitoring procedures and clinical testing. The Research Center 7th floor exam rooms are available for research patient visits.

CFRI Laboratories 
The CFRI hase over 30,000 sq. ft. of basic laboratory space. CFRI Shared Laboratory Equipment is available for use by CFRI researchers. All inquiries or requests for assistance in using this equipment should be directed to the Research Laboratory Manager.

The Clinical Trials Advisory Committee 
The committee reviews new unfunded or underfunded investigator-initiated research projects, in order to improve the quality of investigator-initiated research, as well as efficiency of use of CFRI resources. This formal review process applies to all investigator-initiated research projects that will require full-board IRB review.


Clinical Trials Advisory Committee
Children’s Foundation Research Institute
50 N. Dunlap
Memphis, Tennessee 38103
Phone: 901.287.5355
Fax: 901.287.4478