Research Education Sessions

All Research Education videos are available online. Anyone interested in viewing the videos should contact Kerry Moore at for the password.

Research Education Videos

Responsibly Conducting Research – This presentation covers the basics of responsible research and research integrity, including environmental health and safety, use and protection of human subjects and lab animals, conflicts of interest, publication, intellectual property and data, errors, negligence or misconduct and response to violations.

PI Initiated Studies – Designed for investigators interested in conducting research, this session explains the PCRU Advisory Committee, study team roles and responsibilities and review regulations and institutional policies.

Human Subjects Research – Policies, regulations and historical perspectives and background related to human subject protections are covered, as well as responsible conduct and oversight of human subject research.

Biomedical Informatics – This presentation details the services of the CFRI Biomedical Informatics Team, including training and support, provision of state-of-the-art informatics expertise, solutions and technologies to meet study needs and ensure successful implementation of studies.

Regulatory Audits – CFRI’s IRB Regulatory Coordinator describes the auditing and monitoring process for research conducted at Le Bonheur to ensure compliance with federal and institutional regulations and guidance. IRB and requirements for principal investigators conducting human subject research at UTHSC, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare facilities are discussed.

Presenting Your Research Effectively – This session will include practical presentation tips for an oral research presentation and formatting tips for poster presentations.

Good Clinical Practice – Learn about Good Clinical Practice, an international quality standard that is provided by ICH, an international body that defines standards, which governments can transpose into regulations for clinical trials involving human subjects.

Scientific Writing: Publishing Your Research – Manuscript writing, authorships, selecting the appropriate journal, editorial guidelines and other tools and techniques to help get your research published in a high impact, peer-reviewed journal.

Informed Consent, Most Common Audit Findings – This presentation will review documenting the Informed Consent process and how to properly consent study participants, including securing assent/consent of valuable participants. Common audit findings will also be discussed.

Biostatistics: Study, Design, Data Collection and Analysis – This presentation will outline the important steps researchers should take to ensure the integrity of their data and the usefulness of research. Learn about appropriate methods, data collection tools, analysis and basics of study design, including unit of analysis and calculation of sample size.

CFRI Resources Overview – Learn about the support and resources available to investigators conducting research at the Le Bonheur Children’s Foundation Research Institute (CFRI), a partnership between Le Bonheur, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center and the Children’s Foundation of Memphis.

Budgeting for Research (PI-initiated, NIH and Industry Sponsored Trials – The basics of budgeting for research will be discussed, including industry-sponsored studies, NIH-funded studies, sub-awards and other agreements.