Orion: Making a Difference

Published On 10/20/2016

Daniel Weickenand says it’s easy to write a check. He should know. He’s the CEO of Orion Federal Credit Union. But when he thinks about Orion’s impact in the community, it’s really about being difference-makers with the resources of both money and time.

That’s why Orion, the largest credit union in Memphis, has partnered with Le Bonheur’s injury prevention program, Safe Kids Mid-South. Orion employees now serve alongside the hospital’s staff at safety events throughout the community. They provide life-saving products like safety seats and bicycle helmets and teach children to look both ways when crossing the street.

“You have to really care about a cause to spend your personal time helping them achieve their goals,” Weickenand said. “You could be out having a nice dinner, cheering on the Griz or listening to music on Beale, but instead, you’re choosing to help. You’re making a difference in someone else’s life.”

Weickenand says Le Bonheur was a perfect fit for the Orion Gives Back program.

“It’s nearly impossible to live in Memphis and not have a personal experience with Le Bonheur,” he said. “Safe Kids Mid-South educates children in the community – the same community where our employees and members live, work and kids play.”

Orion will celebrate two milestones soon – a new branch next door to Le Bonheur and the credit union’s 60th birthday in 2017.