Little Fighter

Published On 05/12/2015

At 1 pound, 14 ounces, Millie defies all odds

Carrie Galphin’s first pregnancy seemed very normal until she went into labor at 25 weeks.
At many moments, you could have flipped a coin.
Would Millie live or die?

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Experience motivates doctor to give

Seeing former patients reminds John Ferguson, MD, of the importance of neonatology. Not only has he dedicated his career to serving at Le Bonheur, he's also a generous donor to the hospital.

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Millie's Journey

Millie arrived at Le Bonheur with serious medical issues. Her first six months were spent in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Le Bonheur. Watch how she grows and heals during her 172-day stay and celebrates her first birthday.

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Sowing Seeds

The first time Steve Roberts crossed paths with WREG (Memphis) Meteorologist Jim Jaggers, he was driving his pickup truck down a windy country road in rural Arkansas and found himself stuck behind Jim and the rest of the Go Jim Go cycling team. The Arkansas crop consultant soon became one of Le Bonheur's biggest advocates.

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A day in the life of Steve

Steve Roberts rallied his community behind Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, and his fundraising efforts have grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Take a look inside Steve's everyday routine.

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Giving Societies

Le Bonheur Children's Hospital sincerely thanks the following individuals, corporations, foundations and other organizations that have given generously to Le Bonheur in the last year.

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