He left his heart in Memphis

Published On 04/25/2017

That glowing red heart with the white stitching that graces the top of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital is more than a logo to Emergency Medicine Doctor Douglas Boertje. It is a symbol, he says, of the heart of Memphis.

“What better way to show your heart, than to take care of the children of a community?Doug Boerjte Boertje asks.

Boerjte spent about six years at Le Bonheur, from his internship through his residency in pediatric medicine, then as a staff doctor in the Emergency Department. What he learned at Le Bonheur during those years still resonates deeply with him, even a decade after leaving for North Carolina. He’s now a pediatric emergency doctor at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte.

He says it was a true mindset, across every department and every position, from administrators to nurses to staff, “that we’re going to do whatever is right for the patient, whatever it takes,” says Boertje. “Even in the midst of long shifts and lots of patients, there was a real drive to do whatever it takes for that patient and the family.”

Boertje says the influence of those attending physicians, including Mark Bugnitz, the late Russell Chesney and others, and the mindset of the entire Le Bonheur team are the reasons he jumped at the chance to be a part of the physician giving campaign for the hospital expansion in 2010 and continues to support the hospital today.

“I like writing those checks, I am happy and excited to do it,” he says. “I know that the money is going to the things it needs to go to, and that the administration and leadership is very committed to fulfilling the hospital’s mission.”

“There’s still a part of my heart that will always be a part of Le Bonheur, and what Le Bonheur stands for in the community,” says Boertje. “I love it.”