Heart of steel

Published On 07/28/2017
Kinder Morgan

Since 2001, Nucor Steel Arkansas has hosted an annual golf tournament to raise money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. The event brings together more than 150 of the steel manufacturer’s customers, suppliers and employees. And all for a good cause, says Mary Emily Slate, vice president and general manager for Nucor Steel Arkansas.

“Nucor believes in giving back to the community and recognizes that Le Bonheur Children’s is a world-class, quality health care facility,” said Slate.

Nucor Steel Arkansas is located in Blytheville, Ark., about 80 miles northwest of Le Bonheur. The hospital has treated several children from the community as well as Nucor employees’ children, including Abigail Ryan, daughter of Nucor’s Purchase Administrator Chuck Ryan.

“The excellent care she received there is part of the reason we selected Le Bonheur as the recipient of the tournament proceeds years ago. Several employees’ children have been touched by Le Bonheur’s care,” said Ryan.

The tournament has continued to grow year after year and has raised more than $2 million for Le Bonheur, to date.