Kids Caring for Kids

Published On 11/11/2013

Did you know that most children ages 8 to 19 like to help others? Studies have shown that little kids have big hearts for giving. Join other young philanthropists and make Le Bonheur Children's Hospital your charity of choice. Keeping the 3 T's in mind, there are a variety of ways a young person can make a difference for the kids at Le Bonheur.

Give your time

Consider becoming a volunteer at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. Although most volunteer opportunities require you to be at least 18 years old, there are a variety of one time group activities that you and friends can consider. Additionally, volunteers are essential at many of our annual events, such as the Pumpkin Run. So, if you have the time Le Bonheur Children's Hospital has a way for you to help.

Share your talent

Is there something special you like to do? Our patients always enjoy listening to music, doing arts and crafts, watching a puppet show. We would love to have a group of young folks support Le Bonheur Children's Hospital with their priceless talent! Here are some other suggestions on volunteering your talent.

Give your treasure

When we talk of treasure, we are referring to gifts of money or gifts in-kind, such as toys for our patients. One way to support Le Bonheur Children's Hospital is by hosting your birthday party to benefit the hospital. Instead of gifts, ask guests to bring donations for Le Bonheur! During the summer, consider hosting a Lemonade Stand to benefit Le Bonheur. You can be creative and come up with your own fundraising idea. 

Holiday giving

There are ways to support Le Bonheur year round, but during the holidays we have a few special needs.