Jeni Stallings: Flyer V

Published On 07/11/2011

Location: Lobby Level Elevator Lobby

Flyer VArtist Jeni Stallings’ history with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital greatly influenced her piece for the new facility, a 48-by-60 inch encaustic painting titled “Flyer V.”

Stallings, who graduated valedictorian of her class at Memphis College of Art in 1996, interned at the hospital during her junior year of school.

“That was such a powerful experience, and I have to say it was life altering,” she said. “It struck me how positive children are, fighting to live just one more day. Going out into the real world and seeing how adults can take their lives for granted—well, it had a huge impact on me.”

The dream-like quality of Stallings’ piece, located outside of the lobby elevators, was achieved through her medium of choice. Encaustic paint, from Greek “enkausticos” meaning “to burn in” is a type of paint made from pigment mixed with melted beeswax and resin that undergoes heat applications. The young girl on a bicycle in Stallings’ piece is a frequent subject in her work.

Her depiction of the girl in “Flyer V” is softer than she has appeared in other paintings, and she is surrounded by a cheerful glow of warm color. The circle, lifting the girl heavenward, represents hope.

“The whole focus of this piece is about leaving the place where you are and looking toward the future,” said Stallings. “You need to encourage your imagination and thought processes to have some hope, some things to look forward to and think about.”

Stallings currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. Her work has been shown at New York University, as well as in Ashville, Atlanta, Boston, Santa Fe and Memphis, where her work can be seen at L. Ross Gallery.


If you would like to inquire about underwriting this or any of the other pieces in the Le Bonheur Children's Hospital Art Collection, please call the Le Bonheur Children's Hospital Foundation at 901-287-6308.