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    Anxiety in Adolescents and Teens

    Given the array of changes and uncertainties facing a normal teenager, anxiety often hums along like background noise. For some, anxiety becomes a chronic, high-pitched state, interfering with school attendance and academic performance.

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    How to Help a Choking Infant: Step-by-Step Instructions

    Safe Kids Mid-South, led by Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, recommends that parents and caregivers of children learn choking first aid and CPR.

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    Does your teen have an eating disorder?

    Eating disorders can be tricky to identify. How do you know if your son or daughter’s new preoccupation with food and calories has gone too far? Pediatrician Michelle Bowden, MD, answers some helpful questions for parents below. She and Brittany Andry, MD, are leading Le Bonheur’s new Eating Disorders Clinic – a comprehensive program for children and adolescents with a suspected or confirmed eating disorder.