Orthopedic Imaging Technology

O-arm imaging technology

The O-arm® Surgical Imaging System creates 3-D surgical images useful in spine, orthopedic, and trauma-related surgeries. It provides real-time images during surgery without moving the child from the operating room.

By integrating O-arm surgical imaging technology with StealthStation® surgical navigation system, surgeons are able to precisely place hardware and check placement before leaving the operating room.

StealthStation surgical navigation

Surgical navigation systems allow surgeons to quickly and effectively make decisions in the operating room. Surgeons are able to confirm placement of  hardware in surgery and perform safer, more precise procedures.

These technologies make for more effective surgeries, smaller incisions and quicker recovery times for your child.

EOS imaging system

EOS® captures head-to-toe images in a standing, weight-bearing position. Two low-dose digital images are obtained from each scan, allowing for 3-D bone modeling. A full body scan takes less than a minute and helps with surgical planning and monitoring. EOS emits about 10 percent of the radiation of a traditional CT scan.