Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists focus on:

  • feeding skills
  • motor-speech skills
  • receptive and expressive language skills.

Speech-language pathologists work to develop a child’s:

  • oral sensory-motor skills
  • speech
  • listening and conversational skills
  • higher level cognitive skills such as problem solving, reasoning, judgment and decision making

We also work with Le Bonheur’s radiologists with Modified Barium Swallow studies to study how your child swallows and determine treatment plans.

Children learn to talk by imitating what they hear. If they do not hear well, they have a hard time learning to speak well. For this reason, everyone who receives speech-language pathology services at Le Bonheur will also have an audiological or hearing screening.


Speech-language pathology outpatient services require a hearing screen within the past six months to eliminate a hearing disorder as a contributing factor. The hearing screen requires a separate physician referral and can be scheduled the same day as the speech evaluation.

For questions regarding therapy services, the referral process or insurance, please call 901-287-4300.

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