Medical School

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science: Chicago Medical School


University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center


University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

Awards and Honors

CFRI Fellow Research Grant, 2018-2019

American Federation for Medical Research; Henry Christian Award, 2019

Pediatric Endocrine Fellow Retreat Awardee, 2019

Selected Research

Bazan, GC.; Hillers KJ: SNP-based mapping of crossover recombination in Nematodes. Methods Mol Biol:
2011; 745: 207-22 PMID: 21660697

Turner, B.; Basecke, SM; Bazan, GC; Dodge, E.; Haire, C.; Heussman, D.; Johnson, C.; Mukai, C.; Naccarati,
A.; Norton, S.; Sato, J.; Talavera, C.; Wade, M.; Hillers, K. Proteomic Identification of Germline Proteins
in Caenohabditis elegans. Worm 2015 Feb 9;4(1):e1008903.

Dye,A.; Nelson,GB.; Diaz-Thomas, A.; Delayed Puberty 2018;47(1):e16-e22.