Approval for Overage Le Bonheur Patients

PURPOSE: This policy defines criteria for inpatient admissions or any outpatient appointments or procedures for overage patients to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

POLICY: Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital is a comprehensive pediatric facility with capabilities and services that may be applicable to specific patients that exceed our age based limits.

  • Patients past their 18th birthday and up to their 22nd birthday who are receiving care or would benefit from specialized care may be admitted or receive any outpatient service without prior approval by Administration.
  • This specifically excludes patients whose primary need involves acute OB, Psychiatric or Rehabilitation services that Le Bonheur does not provide.
  • Self-Pay status will continue to require approval for routine scheduled surgeries, procedures or studies by the Le Bonheur CMO/CEO regardless of age.
  • Patients past their 22nd birthday will continue to require approval by the Administrator-on-call, CEO or CMO.
  • If questions arise associated with the appropriateness of admission, the Administrator-on-Call, CMO or CEO should be consulted.

Download the Over-Age Request Form

Revised March 2023