Job Shadowing at Le Bonheur

The job shadow program at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital provides great opportunities for individuals to observe in the healthcare setting for the purpose of career exploration and inspiring future healthcare professionals.

Prospective employees in the interview process and clinical education opportunities or experiences (i.e. externships, contractual internships, elective programs, clinical rotations, etc.) are not included in this program. 

Job shadowers are 18 year of age and are not currently enrolled/gradutated from a medical program.  Shadowers are considered campus visitors and are not able to work independently, participate in clinical activities or have any hands-on contact with patients.  

To learn more about the Job Shadow process, download the Job Shadow Guidelines and Process and appropriate forms by clicking the buttons below.

Need to Know Definitions

MLH - Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare

ShadowerAn individual who is 18 years of age and not currently enrolled in/graduated from a medical program.  Shadowers are considered campus visitors and are not able to work independently, participate in clinical activities or have any hands on contact with patients.

SupervisorMLH associate taking responsibility for the shadower and ensuring compliance throughout the observation; including, but not limited to:

  • Reviewing HIPAA and statement of confidentiality at beginning of first shift
  • Coordinating their schedule with department leader
  • Ensuring the shadower always has an escort (except for in spaces accessible to the public: lobby, bathroom, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Ensuring the shadower does not participate in patient care activities or enter isolation rooms/areas

Leader MLH manager level leader, or above, who provides direct oversight and management for staffing and shadowers in their specific area.

Hosting DepartmentMLH area, clinic, unit or department where the supervisor and leader primarily work.

Process for Application

Process for Application:

The shadower will identify a host supervisor within their area of interest.

  • Observation opportunities are contingent on the parameters established by the hosting department.
  • A limited number of shadowing opportunities may be offered to help limit the number of observers on campus at any given time.

Once a supervisor has been identified, the shadower will email the appropriate completed paperwork to their supervisor. The supervisor will obtain approval and signature from their leader, then scan and email the appropriate paperwork to Volunteer & Family Support ( 2 weeks before the one-day observation. The Volunteer & Family Support office will send a clearance email after the completed One-Day Job Shadowing Form is received.

Download the Job Shadow Guidelines and Process, HIPAA Privacy Summary and application forms by clicking the buttons below.

Job Shadow Program Guidelines

HIPAA Privacy Summary

One Day Job Shadow Form

Multi-Day Job Shadow

Job Shadowing FAQ

At this time, our only observation program for adolescents is our VolunTEEN program. This program currently takes place during the summer months, with additional program information available on our website. Search “VolunTEEN” to learn more.
Job shadowing that is connected to the employment process is separate from this program. To job shadow as an employment candidate, the designated supervisor will arrange for the opportunity to observe as part of the employment process, as they deem appropriate.
We ask that you turn in your completed packet, with copies of requested vaccination records, 4-6 weeks prior to requested observation timeframe. Packets that are not received within the 4-6 week timeframe may not be processed in time to complete observation at your requested time.
After submitting a finalized packet, your packet will be reviewed for verification of required elements by the Volunteer and Family Support team. Once all of the elements have been reviewed, a clearance email will be sent to you, your supervisor and their leader. This process may take a few weeks. After receiving the clearance email, you will be ready to start observing.
We ask that each shadowing participant take responsibility to find their own supervisor in an area of interest. Not all departments or units allow for shadowing or may have limited opportunities, so connecting directly with your area of interest allows you and the department/unit to collaborate more effectively.
Your supervisor will be the person who is able to answer logistical questions related to your specific area. Each department will have different expectations in relation to logistics. If your supervisor does not provide specific instructions regarding your attire, we encourage wearing business casual with comfortable closed-toe shoes.
Your supervisor is the best person to contact to discuss any adjustments to your schedule. Coordinate with them to determine the best way to communicate any schedule changes.
To help us protect our patients, families, associates and providers, we ask that you not come for a job shadow shift if you do not feel well. If you are unsure if you should come to shadow or not, we ask that you err on the side of caution. Communicate with your supervisor to keep them informed.
Your supervisor or their leader may be able to complete that form for you. Be sure to ask if they can verify your shadowing hours prior to completing your shifts.
We ask that all information about job shadowing be transmitted through email, to allow for tracking of communication and documents. If there are special accommodations that need to be made, please discuss with your supervisor.