Allergy and Immunology Research

We are committed to finding the best treatments for allergies, asthma and immunologic diseases. Whether in the lab, in the community or in clinical trials, our researchers look for the best ways to care for kids.

Maverick Whitten in allergy fellows clinic

Our Research

  • Airway remodeling, asthma biomarker research and quality improvement of allergy diagnostic testing
  • Changing High-Risk Asthma in Memphis through Partnership (CHAMP) community outreach
  • Food allergies
  • Allergen immunotherapy
  • Anaphylaxis, epinephrine autoinjector utilization by veterans
  • Arthritis and scleroderma

Clinical Trials

If you are interested in participating in an allergy/immunology clinical trial, please view our list of current and active trials.

Recent Publications

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