When your child is admitted to Le Bonheur Children's, your child's pediatrician or primary doctor may request that a specially-trained physician, called a hospitalist, oversee your child's care during his or her hospital stay. Hospitalists are pediatricians who work with your child's primary care physician to provide comprehensive medical care.

Our hospitalist team includes board-certified pediatricians and a pediatric nurse practitioner. They are experienced in caring for children with complex illnesses and injuries.

The hospitalist will:

  • Coordinate care while your child is in the hospital
  • Keep your child’s pediatrician informed of your child’s progress
  • Work with your pediatrician and plan for your child’s needs upon discharge from the hospital
  • Improve communication and partnership for families

Our hospitalists will see your child at least once a day throughout his or her hospital stay. They can respond immediately to any emergencies that may arise and are easily accessible to answer your questions and discuss your child's care. Since hospitalists practice on site at Le Bonheur, they may be reached whenever the patient or family member has a question regarding care. Any pediatrician or primary doctor can refer patients to the hospitalist program at Le Bonheur Children’s for care.

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