Diagnostics/Radiology, Pathology and Lab Services


Our radiology team is made up of pediatric radiologists, technologists, nurses, child life specialists and support staff specially trained to care for children. Common radiology procedures include:

  • Plain Films, also known as X-rays and fluoroscopic studies
  • CT and MR, also known as CAT and MRI scans
  • Ultrasound
  • Nuclear medicine and bone density scans

Why Le Bonheur Children's? 

  • Our medical equipment is made to fit children, and our exams focus on conditions found in children and teens. These exams provide the best possible images of your child’s condition or injury.
  • We offer low-dose radiation CT and X-ray to limit radiation exposure. According to the American College of Radiology, limiting radiation exposure in children may decrease their risk for cancer later.
  • Our program is accredited by the American College of Radiology. All of our radiologists are board-certified in pediatric radiology and actively publish research in pediatric radiology. 
  • Our child-life staff uses distraction techniques to help younger children get scans without sedation. The child-life staff helps children understand the process and be as comfortable as possible.
  • Our nearly 50 technologists are all specially trained to work with children and teens.
  • If your child needs sedation to stay still during the scan, our team of board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists provides all levels of sedation and anesthesia.
  • We encourage parents to remain with your child, depending on the test. Children can also watch a favorite DVD with our special video equipment or listen to music on our headsets during the scan.

Pathology and Lab Services

Our pathology and laboratory team includes doctors and clinical staff who are specially trained to detect and interpret tests results for specific childhood conditions. Our staff uses advanced laboratory equipment made for small, pediatric-size samples. Team members who take blood, also known as phlebotomists, are specially trained to make children comfortable.

Helping your child prepare

No matter the procedure, we want to provide your child with a comfortable and safe environment. Our doctors and technologists will talk to you and your child about the test and answer questions.

You can help your child prepare by familiarizing yourself with what will happen before, during and after a test. Then you can let your child know what to expect.

To learn more about visiting Le Bonheur Children’s, please see Your Visit. To prepare for a specific test, select the procedure below.

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