Nutrition Therapy

Clinical nutritionists or dietitians are specially trained to ensure proper nutritional care of your child. They will complete an assessment on your child if he or she has a special nutritional need and make recommendations to the physician caring for him or her. The dietitians monitor dietary intakes of those patients with special needs and will design individualized diets or formulas when necessary. They may discuss your child's food intake with you and work with you to ensure adequate nutrition during hospitalization or at home.

A certified lactation consultant is also a part of the clinical nutrition staff to assist the breastfeeding mother and baby. If you are a nursing mother or plan to breastfeed your baby, the lactation consultant can offer support and work with you to preserve the special breastfeeding relationship during hospitalization. Special equipment and supplies are available and can be provided by the lactation consultant when needed.

The Cynthia Milk Fund provides formula to eligible patients. A registered dietitian from the Clinical Nutrition department can determine if you are eligible. Through the Cynthia Milk Fund, the Clinical Nutrition department provides all types of formulas and supplements (Pregestimil, Elecare, Pediasure, Ensure Plus, Duocal) to children whose insurance may not cover, those who may need more than WIC provides, or those who may have financial hardship.

Healthy Behaviors Virtual Group Class

The Healthy Behaviors Virtual Class from Le Bonheur Children's helps parents and children establish a healthy relationship with their bodies and foods. Learn more about how to make feeding decisions based on honoring hunger cues that provide nutrition for growth, development and well-being. This course incorporates principles of intuitive eating with the intention of promoting confidence when approaching meal time.

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