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Our urology team provides the only comprehensive pediatric urological care in the region. From diagnosis to treatment, our specialists are experts in all aspects of male and female urinary tract problems and genital diseases. We provide comprehensive care for infants and children of all ages. Treatment may include medical management as well as pediatric urology surgery.

Why Choose Le Bonheur Children’s?

  • Our urology program in Memphis, Tennessee is recognized nationally by U.S. News & World Report as a top pediatric urology program.
  • Our facilities include complete urodynamics capability, which is a test to see how the bladder is working, and advanced diagnostic and imaging equipment. This allows us to get the best information about your child’s condition and customize treatment.
  • Our team of experts includes board-certified pediatric urologists, nurse practitioners and dedicated urodynamics and nursing staff. We also have the region's only ACGME accredited pediatric urology fellowship program for training future pediatric urologists.
  • We offer the only comprehensive children's continence center focused on bed-wetting, urinary incontinence and recurring urinary tract infections in the Memphis area.
  • We have a robotic surgery program and our urologists continue to provide the most current surgical care in the country including complex reconstructive procedures, minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures and endoscopic urinary stone management.
  • Our pelvic floor rehabilitation program helps children strengthen and coordinate muscles that control the bladder.
  • Our team provides clean intermittent catherization education support for families. Intermittent catheterization uses a tube to empty the bladder as needed.
  • Le Bonheur has an Outpatient Pediatric Treatment for Intersex States (OPTIonS) Clinic, a multi-disciplinary clinic that involves pediatric endocrinology, urology, psychology, psychiatry and genetic counseling. The program provides coordinated care for patients and families affected by disorders of sexual development (DSD). The clinic participates in the Disorders of Sexual Development Translation Research Network (DSD-TRN) - working to improve the knowledge and care for patients with DSD.
  • Every detail of Le Bonheur was created around the needs of children and their families.

Common Diagnoses Treated

Balanitis or Balanoposthitis

Disorders of Sexual Differentiation




Inguinal Hernia

Horseshoe Kidney




Kidney Stones

Meatal Stenosis

Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney

Neurogenic Bladder


Penile Chordee

Penile Adhesions



Renal, Bladder, & Testicular Tumors

Testicular Torsion

Undescended Testicles

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Obstruction or Urinary Hydronephrosis

Urinary Tract Infection

Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction

Posterior Urethral Valves


Vesicoureteral Reflux

Why Choose Le Bonheur?

At Le Bonheur Children’s, we measure and track our treatment to improve the care we offer families – and to provide a greater level of transparency about our program.

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