Emergency Room

If your child needs immediate medical attention and you cannot transport your child to Le Bonheur, call 911.

Before Your ER Visit

The Emergency Room (ER) entrance is located on Pauline Street at the corner of Pauline Street and Poplar Avenue. It is open 24 hours a day.

Free parking is located in front of the ER entrance. Overflow parking is available across the street. Security guards will assist you in parking when you arrive.

Our ER is the area’s only Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Center. The sickest children are seen first in our ER. If possible, consult your pediatrician before bringing your child to the ER.

During Your ER Visit


When you arrive, your child will be assessed by an emergency medicine technician (EMT) and assigned to one of the following areas based on his or her symptoms or injury:

  • Fast Track – cares for children with minor ailments who can be treated quickly and sent home
  • ED – cares for children with more serious illnesses or injuries


After the initial assessment, your child will see a triage nurse. This nurse evaluates your child and determines the degree of treatment needed and how quickly your child needs to see a doctor. You can help by:

  • Providing as much information as possible about your child’s symptoms, illness or injury
  • Giving your child’s medical history, insurance information, medication allergies and pediatrician contact information
  • Being as calm as possible with your child, as the ER can be stressful for a child


Your child will be called back to the treatment area. For patient privacy, only two adults are allowed into the treatment area at any one time.

In the treatment area, your child will receive a full assessment from a doctor who specializes in pediatric emergency medicine. The doctor will provide a treatment plan, order any tests, procedures or prescriptions your child might need and determine whether your child can go home or needs to stay in the hospital. Do not hesitate to ask questions about your child’s treatment plan before you leave.

Ways We Can Help

Many amenities are available for your family while you are in the ER. You may see a variety of specialists and staff members. Learn more about your child's care team.

After Your ER Visit

When you leave, you will receive discharge instructions explaining how to continue your child’s care. It is important that you understand them and make any necessary follow-up appointments. If you have questions about anything in your discharge paperwork, please call your child’s pediatrician.

If the ER doctor has prescribed medicines for your child, you may pick them up at the Le Bonheur outpatient pharmacy or get them filled at another pharmacy.

After you get home you might have questions regarding your medical record or your bill. ED observation and inpatient families are now able to access their child's medical record online and will be given information about how to do so upon discharge.