Allergy/Immunology Fellowship Program

Established in 1958, the allergy/immunology fellowship program strives to provide a well-rounded educational experience to pursue a career in allergy and clinical immunology.

This program offers:

  • Supervised in-depth training in clinical allergy, asthma and immunologic diseases
  • Cross-training in adult medicine at least 25% of the fellowship
  • Structured research projects under direct supervision by faculty members

Graduates enjoy successful careers in private practice, academic institutions and at the Food and Drug Administration.

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Research Interests

  • Airway remodeling, asthma biomarker research and quality improvement of allergy diagnostic testing
  • Changing High-Risk Asthma in Memphis through Partnership (CHAMP) community outreach
  • Food allergies
  • Allergen immunotherapy
  • Anaphylaxis, epinephrine autoinjector utilization by veterans
  • Arthritis and scleroderma

Program Staff: Allergy/Immunology

Program Director

Associate Program Director

Fellowship Coordinator

Kelli Moses