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Tennessee Department of Health Approves Certificate of Need Application for West Tennessee Healthcare and Le Bonheur Children’s Pediatric Collaboration in West Tennessee
Posted: 10/27/2021
Le Bonheur Children’s and West Tennessee Healthcare are happy to announce that the two organizations have received approval from the Tennessee Department of Health for a Certificate of Need (CON) application related to their pediatric collaboration in West Tennessee.
Le Bonheur CEO Joins Children’s Hospitals from Around the Country in Support of COVID-19 Safety Measures to Keep Kids Safe
Posted: 9/2/2021
Recently, the Children’s Hospital Association ran a statement in support of masks, vaccines and handwashing to keep children safe from COVID-19 in The New York Times and LA Times. The statement has been signed by 66 hospital CEOs, including Le Bonheur's Michael Wiggins, DBA, FACHE of Le Bonheur.
Children’s Hospitals Call on Leaders and Public to Stand with Them to Protect Children
Posted: 9/1/2021
The Children’s Hospital Alliance of Tennessee joins the national Children’s Hospital Association to call on leaders in the public and private sectors and the American public to take a stand to help protect our children.

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June 11, 2022
Le Bon Appetit
Chefs from across the county join culinary forces with Memphis chefs to raise money for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

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