Cardiac Catheterization

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In some cases, open heart surgery is not the only option for treating children with congenital heart disease. Some congenital heart defects can be treated in our cardiac catheterization lab (cath lab) without surgery and with minimal sedation, and provide the same outcomes as open heart surgery.

In the cardiac cath labs, pediatric interventional cardiologists insert a small tube called a catheter into to the heart chamber to either diagnose a congenital heart defect or correct the defect. To diagnose, pediatric interventional cardiologists place catheters into the heart chamber and inject dyes in order to clearly see the pathways of the heart, and photograph them for further planning.

Cardiac cath lab procedures can also correct blood flow, repair a hole in the heart or place a stent. This allows for a much quicker recovery than open heart surgery.

A Le Bonheur physician conducts a procedure in the hybrid catheterization lab.

Hybrid Catheterization Lab

Our Heart Institute offers the only hybrid catheterization labs in the region. If our specialists believe your child needs surgery during a cath procedure, the rooms also serve as operating rooms, providing Le Bonheur pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons with a sterile environment for operation.

Our electrophysiologists use the cath labs to diagnose and correct heart rhythm disorders.

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