Cardiac Kids Camp Frequently Asked Questions

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Teenagers enjoying climbing at Cardiac Kids Camp.

What would happen if my child got sick during camp?

Medical staff members, experienced with pediatric cardiac patients, are with the children at all times. A detailed cardiac emergency plan is available for medical emergencies. In the event your child needs medical attention, you will be notified immediately and he/she will be transported to the nearest emergency room at Camden General Hospital.

Who will give my child his/her medicine?

Members of the medical staff distribute and record all medication administration. Medications will be given at the times you have indicated. Blood pressure, heart rate and weight are monitored according to your child's individual needs.

How much will camp cost?

Camp is free. We do ask that you allow $20 for your child to purchase Camp Lakeshore souvenirs. A t-shirt and group photo will be given free of charge.

How can I get in touch with my child during camp?

Camp Lakeshore's main phone number is (731) 584-6102 for emergencies only. You may contact the director by calling (901) 287-6270 during normal business hours. You may also write letters to your child. Send correspondence to:

          Child's name
          Le Bonheur Cardiac Kids Camp
          1458 Pilot Knob Road
          Eva, TN 38333

Will my child qualify for camp?

A medical committee will review all applications. Your child's cardiologist must give medical clearance. Your child needs to be able to dress, bathe and go to the restroom independently. Your child must also be currently under the care of a cardiologist for a congenital heart condition or rhythm disorder.

For more information, please visit the Heart Institute page.