Clubfoot, a condition where the foot turns inward and downward, is best treated soon after birth. Our orthopedic team is specially trained to treat children with clubfoot and has worked with thousands of families to help children lead normal lives.

The goal of clubfoot treatment is to correct the position of the foot so that the bones grow and develop normally. Our doctors use the proven Ponseti method whenever possible.

Our multi-disciplinary clinic for clubfoot patients includes:

Clubfoot Clinic at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital with Derek Kelly, MD

The Ponseti method

The Ponseti method, developed 40 years ago, recently gained attention because of the 35-year follow-up study that shows excellent long-term patient outcomes. The study shows that feet treated by Ponseti management are strong, flexible and pain free. Dr. Kelly is a preferred provider, named by Ponseti International.

The Ponseti method calls for:

  • Five to six weeks of weekly manipulations to your child’s foot or feet, followed by plaster cast applications.
  • At the end of the casting period, your child may require a minor surgery to lengthen the heelcord.
  • After surgery, your child will spend three additional weeks in casts.
  • Your child will then be fitted for braces. Bracing is an essential part of the treatment of clubfoot and effectively prevents relapses. Use of the braces will be tailored to your child based on age and likelihood for relapse.

Derek Kelly, MD with Clubfoot patient at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital